10 Amazing Benefits Of Licorice Powder

10 Amazing Benefits Of Licorice Powder




What is Licorice Powder?
• Licorice powder is obtained from the root of the Licorice or Glycyrrhiza Glabra plant.
• Licorice powder helps treat itchy skin and acne. The best thing about has Licorice in the powder form is you can add it your food or pour it into a capsule and orally intake it.

What are the benefits of Licorice for skin?
External Use :
• Licorice powder is considered an organic skin lightener
• Effectively lightens suntan
• Reduces facial blemish and marks
• Moisturizes and nourishes the skin
• Heals skin ailments
• Delays aging and wrinkling of facial skin

Internal Use
• Licorice powder helps to soothe your stomach
• It cleanses and clears the respiratory system
• Reduces the levels of stress.
• Assists in Cancer Treatment

What is Licorice root in Hindi?
• Licorice root powder in Hindi is generally called Mulethi powder.

How to use Licorice powder?
• Mix the licorice powder with water or some other substance until it forms a liquid paste and then apply it on your skin.
• Drink in liquid form for medicinal use.

Is Licorice good for you?
• Yes, Licorice powder in its pure form is good for your hair as it is naturally derived from the root of the Glycyrrhiza Glabra or Licorice plant. Read more about it in the above mentioned benefits. You can by the purest form of Licorice / Mulethi powder here below

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Side effects and Dosage of Licorice powder
• It is safe when consumed orally in small amounts in food or taken in more significant amounts for medicinal purposes. It is also safe when used for short periods on the skin.
• However, licorice powder is considered unsafe when consumed in large quantities for more than four weeks or smaller amounts over the long term.
• The recommended dosage is less than 75 Milligrams a day.

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