10 Essential Skin Care Tips For Rainy/Monsoon Season

10 Essential Skin Care Tips For Rainy/Monsoon Season

Here are few tips that will help you to get naturally toned and cleansed skin during monsoon season. If you are facing skin care challenges then here is a blog that will help to skincare in the rainy season.

Skin Care Tips For Rainy Season:

1) Cleansing of your skin:
It is essential to clean your skin with the help of mild face wash to remove impurities from the surface of your skin; this avoids infection to trigger. This helps in giving futile skin during the rainy season.

2) Drinking water is essential during rainy season:
Drinking water is necessary during rainy season as it helps us to keep skin problems away. You must drink eight glasses of water in a day because it adds the element of hydration, boosts skin's essential oils and also, flushes away the toxins and leaves your skin feeling fresh and fabulous as before.

3) Exfoliation is must during monsoon season:
To avoid germs and bacteria to create your skin as breeding ground during monsoon season then exfoliation is the must in once in a week as it removes the old dead skin cells from the skin's outermost surface.

4) Wear breathable clothes:
Wear loose made up of natural fibers such as cotton, linen as these fabrics moisture to evaporate and let your skin breathe. Avoid synthetic or woolen fabrics as the aggravate the skin.

5) Eat anti-inflammatory food:
Anti-inflammatory food is recommended to boost up the defense against skin issues. This includes drinking green tea, eating lots of fruits and vegetables.

6) Use a moisturizer for skin care:

If oily skin is your problem, then moisturizer that is water-based is an excellent option to help keep oil secretion in check.

7) Use serums for skin care:

Usage of serums ensures that the moisturizer you apply to the skin gets adequately absorbed into the skin.

8) Avoid bleaching and facials:
Try to avoid bleaching and facial in the rainy/monsoon season as it will cause harm to the skin and will make it itchier and irritating. Doing facials during the rainy season, will your skin rough and tend to create more skin complications.

9) Usage of essential oils:
Most of the skin infections occur during the monsoon/rainy season. Applying natural oils of your choice will help you to keep skin away from allergies. It also promotes healthy and glowing skin.

10) Use hot water to make your skin healthy:
Wash your face with hot water instead of using lukewarm or cold water because of warm water helps to dissolve the oil accumulated on the skin surface. It promotes healthy, supple, fresh and glowing skin.

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