8 Benefits Of Rose Petal Powder For Skin

8 Benefits Of Rose Petal Powder For Skin

What is Rose Petal Powder?
• Rose petal powder is a fine powder extracted from the Rose flower petals.
• It has a beautiful fresh rose aroma and can be used in facial masks, exfoliating scrubs, soaps, etc.

Rose Petal Powder Benefits
• Rose Petal powder is a natural facial skin cleanser
• It helps in taking away dark spots and blemish
• Rose petal powder is a proven body cooler
• Assists in the circulation of blood
• Helps you get fresher and younger looking skin
• Very useful to take sunburns away
• Rose petal powder can be used over a wound as it has antibacterial properties
• When used on hair it strengthens hair follicles and helps in hair growth

Does Rose petal powder help in weight loss?
Yes, you can use rose petal powder for weight loss. It helps to fight inflammation, works as an appetite suppressant, boosts digestion, removes toxins and boosts overall immunity.

How to make a simple rose petal powder mask?
Take a tablespoon of rose petal powder and create a thick, smooth paste by mixing with water. Apply the paste on your face in an upward motion and leave to dry. Rinse the mask off after 15 mins.

Can rose petal powder be used on any skin?
• Rose petal powder can be used on any skin types, be it normal, oily or dry.
• For healthy skin mix the rose petal powder with a sufficient amount of water until it forms a paste. Then apply it to your skin. Rinse after 15-20 Mins
• For oily skin mix with yogurt and apply on face.
• For dry skin use with milk cream for skin moisturizing and hydration.

How to get a rose pink glow with Rose petal powder?
Mix finely milled oatmeal powder, rose petal powder honey and almond oil in a bowl. Use the mixture as a facial scrub to get glowing skin. 

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Does Rose Petal Powder have any side effects?
No certified organic rose petal powder does not have any side effects. Use it externally or internally for smooth, clear skin. It can also be used on hair as a natural hair conditioner. The only exception being you are allergic to it.

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