9 Power Benefits Of Brahmi Powder That Will Shock You

9 Power Benefits Of Brahmi Powder That Will Shock You

9 Power Benefits Of Brahmi Powder That Will Shock You

What is Brahmi Powder?

  • According to Ayurveda, Brahmi Powder is the natural remedy that improves intelligence. 
  • Brahmi, a plant is known as BacopaMonnieri and BacopaMonniera.
  • It has also been used as tonics to fight stress and promotes rejuvenation, strength and life energy.

Benefits/ Uses/ Advantages of Brahmi Powder:

  • Brahmi powder improves learning skills, brain function, and memory.
  • It helps in relieving stress and anxiety.
  • It treats Dyslexia (A learning disorder characterized by difficulty in reading.)
  •  Most effective in preventing Alzheimer’s disease (A progressive disease that destroys memory and other critical mental functions)
  • Brahmi powder is effective in strengthening the immune system.
  • Promotes the overall health of your hair by making it longer and thicker.
  • It nourishes the roots of the hair, and it helps in reducing the hair fall.
  •  It also treats dandruff problems.
  •  Brahmi Powder is most efficient in reducing the dryness from the skin and prevents itchy scalp.

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Brahmi benefits of hair:

  • Brahmi powder is considered the most efficient natural herb for hair growth. 
  • It also helps to make brain sharper.
(Please refer Benefits/Uses/ Advantages of Brahmi Powder above).

Brahmi Powder Dosage:

  • For adults:

Two to Three grams in divided dose per day. Once or twice a day after food.

  • For children from 5 to 12 years:

One gram per day, after food at night, along with honey or ghee or water.

  • For children from 12 to 18 years:

Two grams per day.

Brahmi Benefits for the brain:

(Please refer Benefits/Uses/ Advantages of Brahmi Powder above).

How to take Brahmi Powder?

(Please refer Brahmi Powder Dosage above).

How to eat Brahmi leaves?

  • Brahmi leaves have a bitter and sweet taste, and it imparts cooling energy. 
  • Keeps the mind calm and free of anxiety.
  • The whole plant can be used for medicinal purposes.

Brahmi side effects (Consult your doctor for the usage of Brahmi Powder):

  • Might slow down the heart rate. 
  • Might cause congestion in the intestines.
  • Might increase secretions in the stomach and intestines, causing ulcers.
  • Might increase levels of thyroid hormones. 

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