Stunning Benefits Of Natural Neem Powder

Stunning Benefits Of Natural Neem Powder

Pure neem powder is used as a home remedy for leprosy, skin ulcers, diabetes for years and years. Neem leaf extract powder helps to get rid of acne as it destroys skin bacteria and also treats acne scars.

Benefits Of Neem Powder:

1) Neem leaf extract powder for dandruff:-

Neem leaf extract powder for hair eats dandruff when used regularly; it removes dead cells from your scalp, and you can get rid of dandruff.

2) Neem leaf powder for head lice:-

Neem leaf powder destroys head lice, a parasitic insect that feeds on human blood. Apply 2-3 times a week by making a paste of water and neem powder; you can also add a henna powder to make it smoother and thicker and apply it to get rid out of the head lice.

3) Neem powder for face:-

Neem powder contains anti-fungal, antiseptic properties which treat acne/pimple. It also controls the excess of oil secretion.

Natural Neem Powder

Hollywood Secrets Neem Powder

4) Neem extract powder cures skin diseases:-

Pure neem powder cures a severe skin ailment, leprosy, skin ulcers. Skin irritations soothed with the help of neem powder.

5) Indian neem powder for Psoriasis:-

Indian neem powder is used for the treatment of Psoriasis, a chronic skin disease. Either by consuming the neem powder or by applying it manually on the skin, psoriasis can be treated efficiently.

6) Natural neem powder for hair growth:-

The natural neem powder enhances hair growth and reduces hair fall when used regularly.
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