Top 6 Best Shaving Gels In India

Top 6 Best Shaving Gels In India

Instead of using cheap/low quality having gels, we should always use good quality shaving gels as it we can face skin related issues. The usage of best shaving gels is often mandatory for the people who have sensitive skin. It will reduce irritation, pain, razor burn if you shave using the best shaving gels.

Shaving gel softens the hair on the face and makes it easy to shave and also gives a moisturizing effect. Here, is the list of best shaving gels which are unusual and genuinely very useful.

1) GILLETTE Classic Regular Pre Shave Gel Foam (418 Gm)


Gillette Shave gel foam is the best shaving cream, with extra thick consistency for a shave that’s smooth and comfortable. The blade glides across your face. Shave with ease, and rinse clean to reveal skin that’s soft to the touch.

(1) On applying Gillette, it spreads evenly and rinses easily to leave skin feeling soft and smooth.
(2) It helps in quiet and comfortable shaving.
(3) Gillette is the best shaving cream for sensitive skin.

2) FIGMENT Premium Men's Portable Pure Aloe Vera Moisturizing Shave Gel Travel (150 Gm)


FIGMENT is considered as the best shaving gel in India because it has been formulated to soften the facial hair, which ensures a smoother cut and extended blade life. FIGMENT is the best shave gel for the face as it protects the sensitive facial skin from damage by the shaving blade and provides conditioning and nourishment to the surface to heal any possible irritation.

(1) FIGMENT is very fantastic shave gel, helps in smooth shaving.
(2) On using this shave gel leaves a great fragrance and makes ski naturally fresh aftershave.

3) NIVEA For Men Sensitive Shaving Gel (200 ml)


NIVEA is the natural shaving gel. It protects the skin from irritations for a comfortable shave. There is no burning on irritated skin and improves skin's condition over time.

(1) NIVEA softens the beard and protects the skin from irritation without burning.
(2) Helps in comfortable shaving and improves skin's condition over time.
(3) It feels very soft and smooth while using NIVEA.

4) EDGE Extra Protection Shave Gel For Men (7 Ounce)


EDGE shave gel is moisturizing and provides excellent razor glide. It gives a cooling effect which leaves your face refreshed after using the same. It pulls out the dirt and the oil from your skin, cleanses deeply.

(1) EDGE is the excellent product.
(2) It helps to protect and smooth after applying.

5) SPRUCE SHAVE CLUB Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera Herbal Shave Gel (100 Gm)


SPRUCE SHAVE CLUB contains Tea tree oil which has antiviral and antifungal qualities which assist in healing in case of any razor burns and prevents infections to ensure you get the safest shave.
Spruce shave gel is wholly Herbal and Paraben Free.

(1) Spruce Shave Gel helps to heal cuts, and also hydrate, moisturize and rejuvenate the skin.
(2) It ensures that you get a shave with the ultimate nourishment.
(3) Assist in healing in case of any razor burns and prevents infections to ensure you get the safest shave.

(6) L'OREAL Men Expert Tough Stubble Shave Gel (196 Gm)


L'OREAL a protective barrier to help protect skin against the drying effects of shaving which can leave it feeling irritated. It is the best shaving gel which includes hair-softening technology which softens the hair without drying and leaves skin feeling cleanly shaven for longer.

(1) L'oreal improves glide for a more comfortable, smoother shave.
(2) It includes hair softening technology which softens the hair without drying.

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