Vitamin C L-Ascorbic Powder 100gm
Vitamin C L-Ascorbic Powder 100gm
Vitamin C L-Ascorbic Powder 100gm
Benefits of Vitamin C Powder
Vitamin C L-Ascorbic Powder 100gm
DIY Vitamin C Serum
Vitamin C Powder Dosage

Vitamin C L-Ascorbic Powder 100gm

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Benefits of vitamin C powder (external use)

  • Used for skin lightening and brightening.
  • Used for hyperpigmentaion.
  • It may be beneficial for acne.
  • Used for dark circles.

How to use (external use)

An easy formula for DIY Vitamin C serum: Take the 30 ml dropper bottle & add 1 teaspoon vitamin c powder | 1 ½ tablespoon aloe vera gel | 1/8th teaspoon vitamin e capsule oil| 5 drops of glycerine. Fill the bottle with water till the neck & shake for 1 min. Leave it overnight and use it the next day. You can also use your customized ingredients.


  1. Vitamin C with niacinamide: The interaction converts the niacinamide and ascorbic acid into niacinamide ascorbate which is yellow in color. Very good for the skin. 
  2. Vitamin C with Retinol: The best combination for anti-aging.

Benefits of vitamin C powder (internal use)

  • May help cold | flu.
  • May help to promote wound healing | Inflammation.
  • May boost immune system | Natural anti-oxidant.
  • May Increase collagen production.
  • May promote healthy hair, skin, and nails.
  • May help to promote weight loss.

How to use (internal use)

Use it in juices, salads, jam, oats, cereals, a pinch of vitamin C in tea/coffee, etc. Do not mix it in water and drink directly, since vitamin C is sour in taste, it may cause discomfort.


  1. Vitamin C with Zinc: May protect against respiratory tract infections like the common cold, viruses, etc. It also boosts the immune system. 
  2. Vitamin C with Iron: Vitamin C enhances/increases iron absorption.
  3. Vitamin C with Vitamin D: Helps to fight viruses, flu, and boost the immune system. 
  4. Vitamin C with rose hips: Rose hips contain a high amount of ascorbic acid and are a natural anti-oxidant. Having it along with the powder boosts your vitamin C levels. 
  5. Vitamin C with Vitamin D & Zinc: May help to protect against coronavirus. Know as the best combination. 

Dosage (daily intake):As a dietary supplement, take 1000mg (1/4 rounded teaspoon) daily with meals, or as directed by the physician. 

Ingredients: Vitamin C (As Ascorbic acid) 

Formula: 1 gm contains 1000 mg of vitamin C.

Suitable for: Adults, Children, Vegetarians, during pregnancy & breastfeeding.

Cautions/Allergies: It's free from wheat, gluten, yeast, dairy, soya, nuts, shellfish.

Side effects: Taking vitamin C over 1000 mg may cause stomach discomfort.

Made in: Made in India.

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