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Pure Allantoin Powder 100gm

Pure Allantoin Powder 100gm

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Allantoin skin benefits:

  1. Moisturizing: Allantoin has moisturizing properties that help to keep the skin hydrated by increasing the water content of the skin.
  2. Soothing and anti-inflammatory: Allantoin has anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe irritated or inflamed skin. It can also help to reduce redness and swelling.
  3. Promotes cell proliferation: Allantoin promotes cell proliferation, which means it helps to increase the production of new skin cells. This can help to improve the overall health and appearance of the skin.
  4. Wound healing: Allantoin has been shown to accelerate the healing of wounds and promote tissue regeneration. This makes it a popular ingredient in products designed to heal cuts, burns, and other types of skin damage.
  5. Exfoliating: Allantoin has gentle exfoliating properties that help to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, leaving it smoother and softer.
  6. Anti-aging: Allantoin has been shown to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making it a popular ingredient in anti-aging skincare products.

        Why Us

        1. Customization: Our DIY cosmetic brand empowers you to personalize your beauty products according to your preferences.
        2. Quality Control: By choosing a DIY cosmetic brand, you have complete control over the quality of the ingredients used in your beauty products.
        3. Creativity and Expression: Our DIY cosmetic brand encourages your creativity and allows you to express your unique style.
        4. Sustainable and Eco-friendly: Many mass-produced cosmetic brands generate significant amounts of waste and contribute to environmental pollution. By choosing a DIY cosmetic brand, you can actively reduce your ecological footprint.
        5. Education and Empowerment: Our DIY cosmetic brand aims to educate and empower individuals about the ingredients, formulation techniques, and the science behind cosmetic products.
        6. Cost-effective: Creating your own cosmetics can be a cost-effective alternative to buying high-end branded products.

        Features of the product

        • Premium product. 
        • 100% original & quality assured.
        • Non-contaminated & non-mixed.
        • Non-Gmo.
        • Doctor & dermatologist approved.
        • No preservatives.
        • Easy to use.

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        Product Details

        FACT SHEET:

        PERCENTAGE TO USE: 0.2-3%

        CAS NO: 97-59-6


        WATER: Before adding to water, heat the water to at least 75°C


        APPEARANCE: colorless crystalline powder

        SOLUBILITY: Freely soluble in alkalis, DMSO, and methanol.

        SOLUBILITY (INSOLUBLE IN): ethyl ether, ALLANTOIN is insoluble in
        commonly used oils.

        SOLUBILITY (SLIGHTLY SOL. IN): alcohol (very slightly), Soluble in hot
        water (10 mg/ml) | 0.57 g/100 mL (25 °C) and 4.0 g/100 mL (75 °C),

        STORAGE: Store at room temperature

        PKa: 8.96(at 25°)

        OPTIMAL PH RANGE: Allantoin is stable in the pH range 3-8 and to
        80°C (176°F) prolonged heating.

        TIME TO WORK: On average it will take 1-2 months of consistent topical use of Allantoin before you begin to see improvements.



        CALCULATION FOR ALLANTOIN: 1 × 100 ÷ 100 = 1 GM


        It is important to note that allantoin should be dissolved slowly and gently to prevent degradation or decomposition. It is recommended to dissolve it with constant stirring and a low heat source to avoid overheating the solution.

        How to use (Formulation Guide)

        Simple formulation:


        -1% allantoin
        -98% distilled water
        -1% preservative (optional)


        -Add the allantoin to a small container or beaker.
        -Slowly add the distilled water, stirring continuously, until the allantoin is completely dissolved. If it does not dissolve heat it to 75°C
        -If desired, add the preservative and stir until fully incorporated.
        -Transfer the mixture to a suitable container and label it with the ingredients and date of preparation.

        This formulation can be used as a soothing and moisturizing facial or body spray, or added to other formulations such as lotions, creams, or serums to provide additional skin benefits. Allantoin is known for its skin-healing properties, making it a popular ingredient in many skincare products.

        Allantoin is a water-soluble powder that can be easily dissolved in water or other water-based solvents such as propylene glycol, glycerin, and ethanol. Here are some simple steps to dissolve allantoin powder:

        -Weigh out the desired amount of allantoin powder using a digital scale.

        -Add the allantoin powder slowly to the solvent while stirring continuously to prevent clumping.

        -Continue stirring until the allantoin powder is completely dissolved. This may take a few minutes depending on the amount of allantoin and the temperature of the solvent.

        -If the allantoin powder does not dissolve completely, try increasing the temperature of the solvent or adding a small amount of a co-solvent such as propylene glycol or glycerin.

        -Once the allantoin powder is fully dissolved, the solution can be incorporated into a cosmetic formulation or applied directly to the skin.

        -It is important to note that allantoin may have reduced solubility in acidic or alkaline solutions, so it is best to dissolve allantoin in a neutral pH solution for optimal solubility.